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Your secure gateway to our SYSPRO Online portals

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Welcome to the SYSPRO Online Profile hub, a single sign-on authentication gateway to register a work profile, sign-in to maintain your profile or establish a new password.

When you register a SYSPRO Online Profile, a check is made to ensure you belong to an existing SYSPRO customer or partner. If the connection is established, you will be auto approved and a profile will be created for you. If the connection to an existing customer/partner is not established or you experience any issues, a ticket can be logged by clicking on the "Help" button.

Once you have a registered SYSPRO Online Profile you will be able to access the SYSPRO InfoZone and other SYSPRO portals with these same login credentials.

If you move to a new Company or need to change your e-mail address please click the "Help" button and provide us with your new e-mail address, the new Company name as well as your old work e-mail address.

Note: As this replaces the previous InfoZone registration, forgot password, and profile updates, if you already have InfoZone login credentials please would you re-register here to update your profile. If you cannot remember your password, you can create a new one here.

The Who

SYSPRO Online Profiles is being launched in Phases for our various audiences. Currently it is available for the below contacts:


  • All new and existing customer contacts wanting to access the SYSPRO online portals
  • Updating/Maintaining your online profile
  • Forgot password process to reset your SYSPRO Online Profile password


  • Partner contact registrations and profile updates happen on the PartnerUP portal
  • If your Company has joined the PartnerUP Programme and you do not have access to the portal, please request your Primary Contact to invite you to join
  • Existing InfoZone partner contacts must maintain their profile details on the PartnerUP portal
  • Forgot password process to reset your SYSPRO Online Profile password

SYSPRO Employees

  • Employees will be able to maintain their employee roles needed for the SYSPRO LearnIt Online website
  • Forgot password process to reset your SYSPRO Online Profile password

The Fine print

The purpose of this process is to re-register all our customers/partners and staff contacts onto this new platform, so we can provide a single authentication platform and experience for our users.

  1. InfoZone as a current authentication provider that uses its own set of username and password
  2. Active Directory Single Sign On - the new process
We are doing everything we can to try and keep these credentials in sync with the new Active Directory authentication provider so that you can use your same username and password created on any of the two platforms to log into any SYSPRO online portal.